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Average Cost of Dental Implants

average cost of dental implantsHow much dental implants cost depends on a variety of factors. In addition to individual requirements related to health and pre-treatment steps, the total price is related to the type and number of implants patients order. Here is more about the factors affecting the cost of implants.

Individual Requirements

Patients may see differences in their total implant treatment costs depending on characteristics relating to treatment. For example, patients whose jaws lack density or size may require the additional step of bone grafting, which can take several months before implant placement can occur. Patients may also require other procedures, such as sinus lift and tooth extractions, before having implants placed. Finally, gum disease treatment may be necessary beforehand to ensure proper healing of the implants.

Implants Ordered

The type and number of implants patients order play a significant role in the total cost of treatment. Because implants are independently seated in the jaw bone, they can be used individually in groups to replace single teeth or all of the teeth in the mouth. Besides requiring more materials when more implants are ordered, increased labor will be necessary at our office with increases in implants used.

Regardless of which type of dental implants patients order or what types of pre-treatment steps are required, this form of tooth replacement can be a worthwhile investment that lasts for life. Patients who brush and floss every day and visit our dentist for regular check-ups help guard the integrity of their new teeth. At a consultation with our dentist, patients can learn more about what determines the cost of implants.

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