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Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

For those suffering from tooth loss, it is hard to overstate the benefits of dental implants over other treatment options. So what benefits can you expect after undergoing a dental implants procedure?

• Dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. They are durable and strong, allowing you to carry on with life just as you always have. And caring for them is no different than caring for natural teeth; just brush and floss normally.

• Dental implants are designed to be permanent. Unlike bridges and dentures, which will eventually need to be replaced, implants that are properly cared for can last a lifetime.

• Empty spaces that remain in your mouth after tooth loss will cause the bone to deteriorate. Eventually, it can affect the shape of your face and your smile. Dental implants protect healthy bone and prevent bone loss, preserving your natural face shape.

• Eat, talk and laugh normally, without fear of dentures shifting or falling out. Implants allow you to eat all your favorite foods without discomfort or the worry that they will move or break. In addition, unlike dentures which can impact your speech, implants allow you to speak just as easily as before.

• Dental implants avoid the need to damage healthy teeth. Bridges require altering healthy teeth so that they can be used to support the bridge. An implant, though, can be placed in the empty space without tampering with the adjacent natural teeth.

To learn more about dental implants or to inquire about placement, contact our office for a consultation.


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