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Dental Implants Facts You Should Know

Dental Implants Facts You Should Know

Dental implants are one of the most important advances in modern dentistry. No other tooth replacement option so closely mimics the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. When considering dental implants as a tooth replacement option, there are a few things you should know about them.

The first element to keep in mind is that endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants are the two types of dental implants. Endosteal implants are surgically placed directly into your jawbone. Endosteal implants can be either one-stage or two-stage implants. With one-stage implants, the implant post already has the abutment attached to it, so only one surgery is required to place it. With two-stage implants, the implant post is inserted into the jawbone during the first surgery, and then an additional surgery is needed to attach the abutment. Subperiosteal implants are placed under the gums, but on top of the jawbone.

In order for traditional dental implants to be placed, the patient must have enough strength and density in their jawbones to be able to support the implants. If they do not have the necessary strength and density in their jawbones, a bone graft surgery will be required before placement is possible. Alternately, mini dental implants can be used on patients lacking the necessary bone density. Mini dental implants are a type of subperiosteal implant that is used to secure a fixed bridge or a removable overdenture.

The placement of dental implants can take anywhere from six months to a little over a year, depending on the type of implant used and the number of surgeries required. If you are interested in learning if dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you, contact our dental implants dentist to schedule a consultation.


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