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Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants ProcedureDental implants have become a preferred method of treating missing teeth. According to our expert in dental implant in Beverly Hills, dental implants support oral health by replacing the roots of teeth and resisting decay. Because dental implants look like real teeth, they also offer excellent aesthetic value. Here is a look at the procedure used to place dental implants.

The Dental Implants Procedure

Placement of dental implants is performed in multiple stages. For patients with insufficient jaw bone mass, bone graft surgery is the first step. However, some patients can proceed directly to surgical placement of the implants in the jaw. After surgery, patients must wait for their implants to fuse with the jaw bone, which can take two to six months. Patients getting single-stage dental implants are ready for the final step at this point while those getting two-stage implants are given extensions followed by more healing time. At the final appointment, our dentist attaches crowns or partial dentures to the dental implants depending on the goals of the patient. Recovery from the dental implants procedure is minimal, letting many patients resume their usual lifestyle almost immediately.

Options and Advantages

Dental implants offer considerable options and advantages. Although dental implants can be used for single teeth, many patients use them for several or all of their teeth as an alternative to traditional dentures. The ability to use either permanent crowns or removable dentures with dental implants gives patients more flexibility in their dental treatment. Dental implants are also more stable, easier to clean and less likely to foster oral health problems compared to dental bridges and partial dentures.

The dental implants procedure varies in length based on each patient's healing time and treatment goals. However, every patient receives the same benefits in terms of appearance and health. To learn more about dental implants and their placement, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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