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Different Dental Implants Options

Different Dental Implants Options

Dental implants provide the best overall option for replacing a tooth or teeth that have been lost. A single dental implant can replace just one tooth or several dental implants can replace all of your teeth.

Single dental implants are the way to go if you are only looking to replace one missing tooth. Dental implants mimic the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. And in contrast to a dental bridge, dental implants do not require any collateral damage to be done to neighboring teeth. An implant is placed during a surgery in which the doctor will cut your gum open at the site of the missing tooth. The surgeon will then drill a hole into your jawbone and embed the implant. Your gum will be closed over the implant and within a few months, the implant will osseointegrate with your bone. At the next surgery, your gum will be reopened to reveal the implant. An abutment will then be attached to the implant. After a couple weeks of healing, a crown will be placed over the implant.

Multiple dental implants can be used to replace several teeth. In fact, one implant-supported bridge can support up to three or four teeth. Believe it or not, 4-6 implants can support a full arch of replacement teeth. For implant-supported dentures, mini dental implants can also be used to secure them into the mouth. The nice thing about mini dental implants is that they require less jawbone support and can be placed in a much less invasive procedure than traditional dental implants.


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