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How Smoking Inhibits Bone Regeneration after Dental Implants

How Smoking Inhibits Bone Regeneration after Dental Implants

Smoking has long been known to cause a variety of health problems. A recent study indicates that it may also inhibit the bone regeneration that is necessary in order for a dental implant to properly fuse with the jawbone after the implant placement surgery.

Proper blood flow is of the utmost importance when it comes to the bone healing around an implant. Your blood delivers with it proteins, nutrients, and enzymes that play a big role in the healing process. The nicotine in tobacco products reduces blood flow, and as a result prevents important precursor cells from proliferating at the implant site. These precursor cells eventually become new bone cells, and the reduction in these cells delays the implant from properly osseointegrating with the bone.

A recent study that was done paired a group of long-term smokers with a group of people who have never smoked. Both groups had dental implants placed into their jawbones. After two months, the implants and the surrounding tissues were removed. It was found that the bone tissue that surrounded and fused with the implant was substantially less dense in the group of smokers. The conclusion was that the chemicals that are generated from smoking hampered the ability of the immune system to properly regenerate the bone tissue. Without the necessary bone density and support, implants are far more likely to fail. That is why it is recommended that you quit smoking if you plan on having implants placed.

If you have any questions about how your smoking habits might affect the placement of a dental implant, contact our dental implants dentist in Beverly Hills to set up a consultation.


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