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Implant Options for Multiple Teeth

Implant Options for Multiple Teeth

If you are in a position in which you need to replace multiple teeth, dental implants are by far your best bet. Multiple teeth can be replaced with implants that are individually fit with crowns, or with an implant-supported bridge.

Since dental implants are so strong and durable, one dental implant is often able to support more than just one tooth. That is the idea behind an implant-supported bridge. If you have three teeth missing in a row, you may only receive two implants at that site. That is because two implants are able to support the crowns that are on top of them and also a prosthetic tooth in the middle. An implant-supported bridge works in the same way as a traditional dental bridge, but instead of using your natural teeth as abutments for the prosthetic tooth, the two implants on each end serve as the abutments.

Your dentist may also opt to replace your missing teeth individually with dental implants that are fitted with crowns. This approach may be used when you have missing teeth in several different locations in your mouth. Regardless of the number of implants you are receiving, surgery will be necessary in order to place them. The placement surgery will involve the surgeon making an incision in the gumline where the missing teeth are located. Once the jawbone is exposed, the surgeon will drill holes into the site of each missing tooth. The implants will then be placed into each hole and your gums will be closed back up. If the abutments were not already attached, an additional surgery will be required to attach the abutments. If the abutments were already attached, the additional surgery is not required. The implants will be fitted with crowns once you have fully healed.

Contact our expert in multiple tooth implants if you are looking to replace several missing teeth in your mouth.


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