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Link between Tooth Loss, Anxiety and Depression

Link between Tooth Loss Anxiety and Depression

When it comes to tooth loss, those who suffer from anxiety and depression are caught in a vicious cycle. The very act of losing a tooth can end up causing anxiety or depression in a person. Unfortunately, people who suffer from anxiety and depression may be more susceptible to tooth loss.

After losing a tooth, a person usually feels relatively self-conscious about it. They can be afraid to smile or might even stop themselves from going out with friends out of the embarrassment it can cause. It is important to replace a tooth with a dental implant soon after it goes missing. This will not only help with the aesthetics of your smile and your feelings of social unease, but it will prevent other oral problems for occurring. When you lose a tooth, your body responds by starting to dissolve the bone that once supported it. This process can cause your face to sink in and can also lead to your teeth shifting out of alignment in order to compensate for the missing space.

A recent study indicates that people who suffer from anxiety or depression may be less likely to take good care of their teeth. These people usually suffer from a lack of motivation due to their conditions. This can cause plaque and tartar to rapidly build up and cause tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to gum disease, which ultimately leads to tooth loss. Dental anxiety is a specific form of anxiety that is especially harmful to oral health, as it prevents people from going to the dentist. For these people, sedation dentistry may be a good option.

If you have lost a tooth and would like to have it replaced, contact our Beverly Hills dental implants dentist to schedule a consultation.


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