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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants are replacements for tooth roots that are usually made from titanium and offer easy installation with no recovery time. Patients who want a dependable anchor for dentures will find that mini implants give them excellent results. Here's a deeper look at mini implants and their advantages.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are ideal for patients who have significant bone loss or want to avoid the invasive surgery necessary for traditional implants. In addition, mini implants cost less, and several can be installed during one fast procedure. The speed of installation and the lower risk of complications makes mini implants more affordable than conventional dental implants.

Patients who receive mini implants often report improvements in their quality of life, with easier eating and talking as their dentures no longer slip. Foul odors and discomfort, which are traditionally associated with dentures, are often eliminated by mini implants. These advantages combine to make dentures secured by mini implants perform more like natural teeth.

Installation of Mini Implants

Before placing dental implants, our Beverly Hills dental implants expert studies the patient's mouth to determine which locations are optimal. During the procedure, the dentist administers anesthesia before drilling holes into the jaw bone, screwing the implants in and stabilizing them. Finally, measurements are taken and sent to a lab, where the patient's dentures are modified to match the mini implants. Little or no discomfort is involved, and the entire procedure only takes one to two hours.

Most patients require no stitching after having mini implants installed, and patients can eat lightly immediately following placement. With regular dental care, mini implants can last for many years. Mini dental implants add functionality to dentures while improving comfort and appearance, and their lack of invasiveness results in less lifestyle interruption and greater financial savings.

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