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Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Multiple Teeth Dental ImplantsPatients who have more than one missing tooth can choose multiple teeth dental implants for permanent replacement. Because implants replace the roots of teeth, they are often preferable to dental bridges and traditional dentures. Here is more about the advantages of this treatment and how it is performed.

How Multiple Teeth Dental Implants Compare to Alternatives

Compared to alternative treatments, dental implants offer several advantages for patients who need more than one tooth replaced. Unlike bridges, dental implants do not require patients to have adjacent teeth for support of each replacement tooth. Compared to bridges and dentures, which leave the jawbone open to deterioration due to lack of tooth roots, dental implants keep the jawbone intact and prevent bone loss. Finally, dental implants contain no hardware or cement above the gums that can interfere with eating and trap food particles and bacteria that lead to decay.

How Multiple Implants Are Placed

Before dental implants can be placed, our Beverly Hills dental implants expert must examine the jawbone to determine whether bone density and size is sufficient. If not, bone grafting is used to increase jaw size and density before implant placement. After the implants are placed in the jaw through incisions, healing takes place over two to six months. Two-stage implants are then given extensions, but one-stage implants do not require this step. Crowns or dentures are placed in the final appointment, and the recovery period that follows is very short for most patients.

Total time from consultation to attachment of crowns or dentures can be as little as three months or as long as a year or more, depending on the needs of the patient. In some cases, multiple steps can be performed in the same appointment. To learn more about the benefits of multiple teeth dental implants and determine whether this treatment is an option, patients can contact our dentist for a consultation.

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