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Pictures of Dental Implants

pictures of dental implantsDental implants can act as restoration as well as cosmetic enhancement. When functional improvements are sought, patients may want to know how dental implants work. Meanwhile, cosmetic patients may be interested in seeing the visual results of implant placement. Here is more about dental implants and how pictures aid in understanding this powerful treatment.

Understanding Dental Implant Structure

Implants consist of two main parts: cylinders implanted into the jaw bone and artificial crowns placed over them. In pictures, patients may better understand why sufficient jaw bone depth and mass is important for stable placement of these cylinders. Once the implants have finished fusing with the jaw bone, our dentist can attach permanent crowns or removable dentures to the implants.

Seeing Aesthetic Possibilities

Dental implants before and after photos show dramatic results for many patients who formerly had smiles marred by missing or severely damaged teeth. Although patients with tooth loss can sometimes have bridges placed instead of implants, post-treatment pictures can reveal the bridge hardware present above the gum line. Because implants lack any visible hardware, patients can count on looking natural from any angle. This fact is evidenced by many post-treatment pictures involving implants.

Patients who want to know more about the possibilities of dental implants should consider looking at before and after pictures to get better acquainted with this treatment. Permanent, comfortable, and attractive, dental implants provide solutions to several functional and cosmetic dental issues. A consultation with our Beverly Hills dental implants expert can be scheduled to learn more about this treatment and its potential.

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