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Things You Should Discuss with Your Dental Implant Dentist

Things You Should Discuss with Your Dental Implant Dentist

Those who suffer tooth loss know the embarrassment that can result. Most people want a remedy that can restore their confidence as well as their oral health, and thankfully, there are several. When you are considering dental implants or any other tooth loss treatment, it is important that you first have a discussion with your dentist.

Your Options
Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. Your dentist will need to perform an oral exam, and may need to take x-rays to determine if implants are right for you. Whether implants are suitable or not, there are other treatment options, and your dentist should discuss all of them with you and help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

The Procedure
Placement of dental implants is quite involved and the entire process takes time. You will want to ask your dentist exactly what to expect with the procedure and recovery time.

Caring for the Implant
Having good oral hygiene and habits is important for the success of the implant. Gum disease and infection can lead to the failure of an implant. Therefore, prevention of gum disease through brushing and flossing becomes even more important when you have an implant. Furthermore, though implants are extremely durable, certain things can be harmful to the long-term health of the implant. If you are accustomed to using your teeth in unnatural ways (i.e. to tear open packages, chew on pen caps, etc) or if you are in the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, you will need to stop these behaviors.

If you are considering dental implants and would like to find out if implants are a good fit for you, call our office to set up an appointment with our tooth implant dentist today.

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