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When are Dental Implants the Best Option?

When are Dental Implants the Best Option

Patients with missing teeth might be presented with more than one option for restoring their smile from their dentist. There are several ways dentists and oral surgeons can replace teeth with fixtures, dental materials, and appliances. The three most common are implants, dentures, and bridges. Your dentist may give you their recommendation and advice, but you may still have questions about dental implants.

Your restorative treatment is dependent on your specific dental conditions. A single tooth dental implant may be a good choice for you for the following reasons.

Dental implants:

• Reduce the pressure on surrounding teeth, which will have to work harder to eat and perform other common activities.
• Do not require cutting down surrounding teeth, as will dental bridges.
• Preserve bone in the jaw.
• Typically last longer than other, similar treatments
• Improve and control facial structure
• Improve chewing and speaking
• Preserve the bone in your jaw, preventing the need for bone grafting in the future

Single tooth dental implants may not be the best option for you if you cannot or do not want to endure the healing process, which can take up to nine months, or possibly pay more than you would for other treatments. It is important to know that implants do have a risk of loosening and fracturing due to the lack of shock absorbency between the implant and the tooth.

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