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Who Needs a Dental Implant?

Who Needs a Dental ImplantConsidering that dental implants are regarded as the best available option for replacing teeth, anybody who needs to replace one, several, or all of their teeth can potentially need a dental implant. Anybody in good oral and overall health is generally considered a candidate for dental implants, but there are some issues that may prevent you from having a dental implant placed.

Uncontrolled gum disease is one of the main reasons why somebody would not be able to have an implant placed. The reason for this is because the titanium implant must be able to fuse with the bone, and an infection in the gums will prevent proper healing from taking place. Cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism, and smoking may also prevent somebody from having an implant placed for the same reason. With gum disease, though, if it is effectively treated, then that same person may once again be considered a good candidate.

Another requirement is that your jaw has stopped growing. For girls, this tends to happen around 16, while it happens a few years later at 18 for boys. When it comes to the jaw, it is also required that you have enough strength and density in your jawbone to be able to support the dental implant. If it is found that you are lacking these necessary qualities, a bone graft surgery can be done to establish the necessary strength and density.

If you would like some advice on your dental implant options, contact our office to schedule a consultation.


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